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Meet the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Staff

Cammi Catt-DeWyre - ADRC Manager


        • Responsible for the operation and management of the Resource Center. This includes ensuring the ADRC provides quality services to meet the needs of our consumers.  

        • Ensures the ADRC operates within State’s requirements.

        • Responsible for the fiscal management of the ADRC and supervising the staff of the ADRC.

        • The Manager reports to and assists the ADRC Governing Board in carrying out their duties.

        • Cammi can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 115


Matthew Bertelson - Nutrition Program Coordinator


        • Responsible for the successful management of Buffalo and Pepin Counties Senior Nutrition Program. The purpose of the Senior Nutrition Program is to reduce hunger and food insecurity and promote socialization, health, and well-being among older adults. 

        • Assists with the implementation and marketing of the evidenced-based prevention programs.

        • Assists with the development and distribution of the monthly ADRC Newsletter.

        • Supervises the Nutrition Program staff and volunteers.

        • Matt can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 163


Melissa Hovland - Disability Benefit Specialist (DBS)


        • Assists people with physical, developmental, and mental illness disabilities between the ages of 18-59.

        • Provides information and assistance with public and private benefit programs and helps people apply for and/or appeal the denial of benefits.

        • Some areas and programs that the DBS can assist with:

          • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)

          • Social Security Disability (SSDI)           

          • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

          • Medicare, including Part D

          • Prescription Drug Assistance

          • Food Share

          • Housing & Utility Issues

          • Insurance Issues

          • Low-Income Tax Credits

          • Melissa can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 131


 Julie Fick & Bernie Rogers - Elder Benefit Specialists (EBS)


        • Assists anyone that is 60 years of age or older with answering questions or helping with the complicated paperwork that comes along with:

          • Medicare A, B, C, and D

          • Medicare Supplement Policies

          • Medical Assistance

          • Social Security

          • Consumer Problems

          • Other legal and benefit problems


        • Available to provide accurate and current information on your benefits.

        • Suggests alternative actions to secure benefits or appeal denials of benefits.

        • Advocate on behalf with other parties.

        • Explain what legal action or other possible solution is required.

        • Julie serves Pepin County residents and can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 169

        • Bernie serves Buffalo County residents and can be reached by calling (608) 685-6310


Jennifer Nelson & Michelle Brown - Information & Assistance Specialists (I&A)


        • Provides information about services, programs, and resources (public and private) that can help the elderly and individuals with disabilities, mental illness or substance abuse disorders experience daily life with dignity and help to maximize their opportunities for self-sufficiency and choice.

        • Determines functional and financial eligibility for long-term support programs including Family Care and IRIS.

        • Provides options counseling to individuals who may not qualify financially or functionally for Long-Term Care Programming.

        • Discusses the enrollment and disenrollment processes with individuals currently enrolled in or considering enrollment in a long-term care program.


        • Provides outreach and information to young persons with disabilities (and their family caregivers) as they transition into the adult long-term care system.

        • Participates in the on-going marketing and outreach of the ADRC.

        • Jennifer serves Pepin County residents and can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 172

        • Michelle serves Buffalo County residents and can be reached by calling (608) 685-6307


Angie Schlosser - Transportation Program Coordinator


        • Coordination of Transportation Program services for Pepin & Buffalo Counties. Responsible for the successful management and expansion of the two-county program which provides transportation services primarily aimed at assisting seniors and persons with disabilities to maintain independence and stay connected within their community.

        • Monitors systems for Volunteer driver and Wheelchair Van rides for Pepin & Buffalo County residents and contracted care providers

        • Develops and implements the transportation marketing plan with an emphasis on relationship building, community involvement & sustainability

        • Supervises the Transportation Program staff & Volunteers

        • Arranges maintenance and repairs of department vehicles.

        • Fills in for Aging Program Assistant

        • Angie can be reached by calling 715-672-8941 Ext 187


 Julie Nelson - Aging Program Assistant


        • Schedules Volunteer driver and Wheelchair Van rides for Pepin County residents and companies we are contracted with.

        • Computes monthly billing invoices & statements.

        • Assists in training and orientation for current and new drivers

        • Maintains monthly Time/Mileage reports for Drivers and Meal Site Staff

        • Prepares letters/mailings for Transportation staff

        • Fills in for the DHS Program Assistant during time off/vacations

        • Julie can be reached by calling (715) 672-8941 Ext 152


Katrina Longmire – Dementia Care Specialist (DCS)


        • Support people with dementia and their caregivers to ensure the highest quality of life possible while living at home.

        • Helps develop Dementia Friendly communities where people with dementia can remain active and safe, and caregivers can feel supported.

        • Provides Dementia Friendly training to businesses, organizations and county and municipal offices.

        • Offers resources to the community such as caregiver support groups, Memory Cafés, memory screens and evidence-based prevention programs.

        • Katrina can be reached by calling (715)279-7870. 

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