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Passion Led Us Here

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Asking for help during dark times is a sign of strength. Everyone needs help at some time in life

Deb Helgeson

 Hope 4 U was a vision after losing three family members within three years.  Not only have I lost many loved ones to suicide, I myself have struggled with mental illness and suicidal thoughts in my younger years. I am grateful to have been given the tools to help me maintain my journey in life today. I will admit, I still have my rough times but for today, in this moment, I am okay!

It is hard to put into words all of the reasons I started Hope 4 U so I won’t even try but I think the biggest reason was that I had so much pain in my heart that I finally decided to put the “pain” to use with the hope of helping to end the stigma.

Mondovi, WI


Amanda Lacey


Hope 4 U holds me accountable to myself and my well being. This group keeps me out of the dark hole I can dig so easy. Having a support system means a lot to me, not only for Hope 4 U but for myself and my daughter as we too deal with depression and anxiety. I love to help others and make a difference and I stay for my children in hopes of a brighter, kinder world for them to grow up in. 

Buffalo City, WI

Andi Severson-Quarberg

I've been active with Hope 4 U since their initial Suicide Awareness Walk event in 2019. One of my cousins, the same age as one of my sons, died by suicide in 2018.  Along with my immediate and extended family, my heart was broken in an instant.  When I first saw the flyer for the 2019 walk event, I knew I had to go and I'm so grateful I attended with my daughter.  From that day forward, I have been volunteering with this important organization.  I've learned so much and I've met amazing people.  I'm so grateful to be part of the Hope 4 U family.

Durand, WI


Shawn Comero

My family has been affected by mental health in many ways.  Some ways I didn’t even know existed.  From anxiety and depression to suicide.  Mental health and suicide has also affected some friends, classmates, and or their significant others. I know other families are dealing with these situations daily as well.  I want them and you to know that we are here to listen, help and guide in any way possible.

    Gilmanton, WI


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    Deb Franson

    I know people who have suffered with mental health issues and I want to make a difference in my community.

    I know there is a definite need in our rural communities to educate and raise awareness and through Hope 4 U I strive to do that while also trying to help end the stigma!

    Pigeon Falls, WI

    deb F.jpg

    Mike & Kelly Snow

    We are both huge advocates of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. We do this not only because of losses dear to us, but also for our own personal struggles. It’s so important to hinder the stigma associated with mental health and to let others know they are not alone. If we can reach even one person, save one life, we are on the path in the right direction. Raising awareness is key to this journey and we will do everything in our power to help spread the word!. 

    Durand, WI


    Michelle Brassfield

    I attended my first Hope 4 U walk in 2021 after loosing my sister-in-law to suicide. I knew after hearing stories of the same loss, that I wanted to do more. I wanted to be that person that could make a difference in somebody’s life, so no one would have to go through the pain I went through. I have suffered with severe depression and anxiety and I needed to be a part of this, I needed to keep myself out of the dark with all my emotions.  Hope 4 U, keeps me grounded, and I know that I am never alone on this journey.

    Durand, WI

    hope 4u11.jpg

    Laura Waletzko

    I suffer from many health problems both physically and mentally. In May of 2021, I almost lost my battle with mental health. After learning about Hope 4 U, I gladly accepted the offer to join. I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental

    health help others. I like to help spread this Hope onto others.


    Arcadia, WI


    Kyle   Downing

    "I have suffered great loss throughout my lifetime which has resulted in my own personal struggles. I am living proof that you can be at what you consider the darkest point in your life and come out stronger on the other side. It is OK not be OK, seeking help only proves that you want to overcome. We are here to provide you with the tools to become a survivor and a success story. I am honored to be a part of Hope 4 U. Through networking and outreach my hope is that we can erase the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide and we can change the world!" 

    Eleve, WI 

    kyle pic_edited.jpg

    Sadie   Downing

    I have been a silent helper whenever I could with Hope 4 U.  My Mother In Law, Deb (founder of Hope 4 u) and my Husband Kyle (a big advocate for raising awareness) I have decided to become a member. I suffer from anxiety myself and have been in dark low places in the past.  With mental health on the rise I would like you to know that "You Are Not Alone" and  "It is OK to not be OK." Reach out to someone, anyone because "You Are Worth It" and "You Are Loved!"

    Eleve, WI 

    sadie Dowing_edited.jpg
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