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We would like to extend a sincere thank you to those who helped with the launch of Hope 4 Heroes. Wow, we never expected this amount of support so early. 

A special Thank You goes out to the 5 Heroes whom represented in an effort to raise awareness on their 100 Mile Walk; Police, Military, Dispatch, EMS and Fire. 

Kyle Downing, Fire; David Shapiro, Police; Mike Snow, Veterans & Military; Callie Long, Dispatch; Taylor Auseth, EMS.

We would like to extend a special thank you Mike Snow and Scorch & The Morning X on "92.9 The X" for this mornings

Hope 4 Heroes interview with Veteran Mike Snow. 

For those that couldn't be at our Hope 4 Heroes event, here is video of our speakers! 

The Goal of Hope 4 Heroes is to unite our community members and local Heroes to show our support to those suffering the loss of a loved one and also those suffering from depression itself. Ending the stigma associated with mental health opens the door to communication and invites discussion; both of which are reasonable means to solicit defense against an enemy unlikely to retreat. We are committed to education, prevention and intervention concerning suicide, mental health and PTSD. Local funding offers educational programs, creates literature, lays the ground work for peer support groups and encourages transparency and treatment. 

Hope 4 Heroes_Moment_edited.jpg

You can donate via Venmo or if you prefer to mail a check you can contact me via the information below and I would be happy to provide a mailing address.

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